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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review Flower moistfull Cream By Etude House and Aquaporin Active Moisturising Cream in Rich by Eucerin


So today..
 I want to do the product review for this 2 item
that help me to fight my skin dryness..-.-"
At 1st I only want to do the review for the flower moistfull cream only but since im using both of them at the same time so it would be much better if i can compare both of them..So it would be easier for your guys to know the product more.

**If you want to skip all the ranting you can go straight to see my conclusion to both of this product.**
First I want to compare the price.
The Flower Moistfull Cream is Rm109.90 for 50ml, meanwhile
The Aquaporin Active Moisturising Cream in Rich is RM69.90 for 40ml.

Flower moistfull is rm2.20 per ml meanwhile the Aquaporin Activ Moisturizing is Rm1.75. so for the price The Aquaporin Active moisturising is winning because its more cheaper..
hehe..I always use this way to see the value. BUt off course price is always insensible when we saying about the effectiveness of the product. REMEMBER.Perception is always playing the main role when we buying something like this, so spend wisely.(ok this is unnecessary..LOL).

Second, The Packaging.

Aquaporin Active Moisturising

Flower Moistfull Cream

Aquaporin Active Moisturing is come in handy because its in tube, meanwhile the flower moistfull cream is in glass jar.
Actually im buying my flower moistfull cream first before the aquaporin, but I need a moisturizer that i can bring anywhere i go..yet powerful to me so that why im browsing for another moisturizer even when I have one. The Flower moistfull is so heavy to bring along when im travel or at work. Its some-more difficult  for me to applied it when im outside.. But with the Aquaporin Active its so easy and fast. I just squeeze from the tube and applied onto my face. :D Easy peasy..hehe
But aside that, the Flower moistfull packaging is so cute and pink and girly.. as expected from Etude House, "wanna be sweet? play Etude"..hehe.Because im a pink lover, i can forgive the flaw of being not practical in packaging.(major problem only when im bring this moisturizer at my work place.:D )

Here.im choosing  the Aquaporin as the winner once again.:)

Third, The Texture.

No.1 is the texture for Aquaporin Active Moisturising Cream, and No.2 is the texture for Flower Moistfull Cream. 
As you can see,
the texture for Aquaporing is more like creamy, and a little bit heavy(Its "Rich" off course.) The texture like a lotion. Its doesnt have any scent. The cream absorb really fast*cough*hada*labo*cream*cough* and i love it, because im always on the go person, dont want to waste my time to pat...pat...pat...pat...and pat my mousturizer until it fully absorb.
Meanwhile, for the Flower Moistfull Cream,  the texture is like gel, and more water base. Well its a bit watery, and if you apllied it on your face you would feel like  putting some water. Its have some scent  but a nice one. I love the scent, its not a strong scent that would make you feel dizzy..:D
Both of them is for the dry skin, but their texture are really different. One is more watery and one is like a body lotion feel. 
I have a very dry skin with some acne and pimple.(.*when i was a teenager my skn was oily and now its changing to very dry..T.T, maybe because im always using the product to drying my oil..Im not really take care of my skin before this)
So I guess that my skin is combination but more to the dry skin type, and sensitive because my skin would feel very tight after i wash my face but at the end of the day my skin is so full of oil..urgh..Maybe because before this im using wrong type of skincare. Oh okay.continue to the conclusion. 
For me this time, for the texture its a tie. I cant really decide which one is the texture I like more. 
Both of the product is amazing here. Sometimes i love the heavy texture on my face, but sometimes i hate it. Sometimes  i love the watery texture, but sometimes I feel its not enough to cover my dryness.
I will let you know under the conclusion part.

Ok, the we go to the last part. The Effectiveness

Which one is more effective?
The Aquaporin Active Moisturing  By Eucerin or 
The Flower Moistfull Cream By Etude House 
For me both of them have their own superpower.
They are effective under certain environment and situation.

The Aquaporin Active Moisturing is really effective during the winter day, since im living at Malaysia*where it summer all the year* its really great when you use it under air conditioner. Because my workplace is 24h  in air conditioner, this moisturizer really did a amazing job! Usually my face will became oily after a while in the ac, but with this my face feel fresh and i can feel it is hydrated. But one thing im sure of, this cream really help me to reduce my dryness. Before this my face would have flaky  skin and when im applying the bb cream i can see the dry patches. BUT, NOW, i can easily applying and i can feel my skin become more supple.Definitely a product that worth to buy! Not sure if i use it under the sun, because im still not trying it under the sun. Maybe later on if i have the chance i will try. 

Meanwhile The flower Moistfull doing a great job in maintaining my makeup when i was under the sun.
Good Job. Maintaining my skin hydration, and didnt make my face oily at the end of the day. (im using this when im out to go to safari, and my makeup is still there despite the sweat and the humid..)
So i guess this cream really suitable for a dry skin type to use in summer day. 
Its to maintaning my makeup during the day.

Aquaporin Active Moisturing  By Eucerin 
Packaging: 5/5
Price:        4/5
Texture:    4/5
Effective:  5/5


Flower Moistfull Cream By Etude House 
Price:       2/5
Texture:   4/5
Effective: 4/5

Overall: 3.38/5

Thank you for reading my  review
Any question, just drop in my comment box
Thanks again.

p/s: I didnt get any pay for this review, so im writing this sincerely from my bottom of my heart and for the love of skincare..:D:D 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haip haip horey!! (^.^)

Assalamualaikum and gud morning..!!

Tadi tengok simonnmatina,,pastu tetiba pulak nak makan korean food..
Urghh...d tengah2 pagi buta camni la perut dan tekak meroyan..
Padahal baru jak membalun sebunkus mee maggi cepat dimasak sedap dimakan.hehe..
Haha..orang jam2 macam ni suda lena dibuai membuai mimpi...Tapi aku sibuk mengenangkan makanan korea...kui3..
Ok set next week aku mesti pergi melampiaskan selera ku...ehehe...tp nada geng ku makan makanan korea ni..hermm...:(
Xpala.. cari la sapa2 kan..sapa yang sudi gi makan makanan korea ngan aku??*kasian kan aku**huhu..
bukan apa..bukan semua kawan aku sni yang suka makan makanan korea, tambah2 lagi da bulan tua orang cakap kan... poket pun menipis la seperti bekalan megi di dalam almari ku itu..wahaha...

Herm..Makan sorang2 pun aku tak kisah..hehe...

Apa yang buat aku happy semacam ni..sebab
sebab sebab...
nda lama lagi aq balik sabah..yehuuuoooo
Tadi masa aku call manager aku tanya pasal transfer ni bila, dan bagaimana...
Trus bila dia cakap aku da bole balik 1st july, terus aku rasa macam mau melumpat-lumpat dalam opis tu juga sambil menari harlem shake#oyeah#..miaahaha
Nasibla..aku nda buat camtu..apa yang aku boleh buat jak... cuma menyanyi-nyanyi kecil sambil tersenyum-senyum sendirian..hehehhe...*macam angau pun ada*

So nantikan kemunculan aku di sabah yah!
bye2 selangor and semenanjung malaysia...
kalau ada jodoh lagi kta ketemu lagi..miahaha

aku mau titun

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Product review: nymph Aura Volumer #2 By Etude House

I been wanting to review this product like a week ago, but again my body not allowed me to do it. So only now i have the opportunities.
Have you guys wondering why the korean skin look so flawless and the dewy skin they have. And its look like they really have a healthy skin.. and i been dying to know what its their secret. Because the no makeup makeup is the trend for today..so i guess the essential product would be this! Nyhm Aura volumer! Im using no2 because the girl at the counter said this woul suit me the best as i have the combination skin..
So lets go straight to my review.
1.The packaging
I love the packaging because its hygenic and easy. Just pump from the bottle and ready to use. Its also small so easy to carry around when you travel or just going out.
2. The function
The main function for this is to highlighting your face so you wouldnt look so dull. so ita pretty much will make your face more shining*in a good way* and look healhty. Well before this im just using the bb cream alone, and it will make my skin look matte. Because i want to have that skin that look so fresh and hydrated, so after using this serum, my face would look so fresh and hydrated. The instruction said that to mix with bb cream in 2:1 ratio.. but because i will put powder after that, i will put some of the serum on my t-zone and my cheek bone. And i love the effect!
Its not greasy at all. Even after working one day i can see the shine ia still there. I even using this going to zoo.. with all the sweat my makeup is still there. So im pretty satisied with this product.

what i really love about this product.
Make my skin looks so hydrated and luminous. Because it have pink undertone so it make my skin look more brighter. They said this one have so much glitter.but actually for me its look natural.. no1 and 3 suitable for those with super dry skin..that what the girl told me.haha.
I will buy this product again, but maybe it will took a year for me to finish this one because i only use it at small amount.
The price a bit higher rm89.90 but since etude have promotion on that day so i get this for free!! Hehe..after buying my moisturizer there. I will review about the moisturizer if i have the chance.
Im totally in love with thia product..so grab one now!
Ok i guess..that all i want to share
Any question just leave the comment..;)
Thanks for reading my review.
my bare face
After a day at zoo...
My face after applying the serum

Look like im going to cry..Lol


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