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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Possibilities of jiyeon and yesung dating.?

Assalamualaikum~ and hello to all my shining sunshine!

Ok i just read somewhere
Its about jiyeon and yesung
Though i know a lot of people(esp yesung fan) will unhappy read my post
but well, its just my opinion and i want to know what do you think?
Well for me, i dont mind..keke..
If my jiyeon is happy, then im happy for her....

Well here are some of the evidence that i can gather
But, i will let you all judge this by yourself..:)
and please no hate...

They wearing the same bracelet and ring:maybe its just coincidental.i dont know

They even have the same hp cover..? can it be coincidental?

Jiyeon also follow yesung on twitter..
We know that she only follow a few closed friend
and yesung is one of them.
She follow other people, and then she unfollow them
But for yesung, she still follow him..hermm...
Yesung also only follow Jiyeon from her group, 
and jiyeon too..she only follow yesung from Suju....

Ah, and i also found this on twitter..

with the caption...
"YeSung went shopping and stop in front of this shop on June 06, and JiYeon’s birthday is the next day :((("

So guys? what do you think?
Well yesung is abit older for jiyeon actually,
but, they say love conquer all..hehe..
Im happy for both of them if this true..
But,if its not true, im sorry that i make up this story..
Its just im a delusional fan..hahaha....



Ok this video really shocked me..hehe
well, i can say its strong evidence follow after all the evidence here..
But, still..its still a rumor...
I dont know the truth about it,
but if both of them is dating,
so what? hehe

Jiyeon caller ringtone is Yesung's Song!!hehe
"It has to be you"...aww so sweet... :):)
This video taken from iu dream concert,
she called jiyeon that day..

So what you guys think?hehe..

1 comment:

  1. This is quite old issue. but lately, I found a short cut video of T-Ara episode on Beatles code.
    The MC tried to lead Jiyeon to talk about it. I can say that the talk refers to Yesung even if I don't want to admit it, to be truth,,,,



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