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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shinhwa's Eric Revealed to be jiyeon's uncle fan

Comedian Jang Dong Hyuk revealed that Shinhwa's Eric is a T-ara fan during T-ara's 1st Fan Meeting Event at Kyunghee University, Peace Hall.

Being the MC of T-ara's official fan club QUEENS meeting, he said that he uploaded a photo of him with T-ara while at the waiting room. At then, Shinhwa's Eric left a message saying, "Kindly tell Jiyeon I'm a fan of hers." Jiyeon who had mixed emotions about it replied, "Uncle Eric, thank you. Please show us a lot of love and interest. I hope that you will keep looking after and supporting us."

MC Jang Dong Hyuk tried to make Jiyeon tell Eric his famous line on his drama, "Eric Oppa, my heart is on fire because of you." However, Jiyeon politely refused by saying that she needs the QUEENS permission in able to do that.

Meanwhile, T-ara has come back with Day by Day and will hold their first national concert this coming August 11.

Cr. Mydaily via Nate
Translated by: Glazella @JiyeonWorldwide

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