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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love yourself!

How are ya pepps!? Im in the worst condition right now... im sick..i ada selsema! urgh.. its so tiring. balik2 i have to blow my tuttttt..y'l know la kan what is it. and i cant breathe properly..my nose stuck with it and i feel tired..all i want is sleep sleep sleep and eat..tehee.. This is moreeeeee worst! I cant just sleep,eat, and sit. This will make me grow bigger! Yeah BIG! no no no... Its saddening me to watch the scale and the number goes up, up and up..im just afraid that in my life i will not see small number on the scale anymore..:(:(..

But, guys!! I always like that! I always have this perception, when i big im not beauty, when im not beauty ,no one want me anymore! i always bring this perception in my head until  sometime i will get tired of it. Like, who cares if i big fat women here, yang penting i cant eat what i want in this world! Please, dont restrict me, lemme sleep all i want, please i want to eat that, to eat this...and blah blah blah... Because im tired to take care of myself, tired to be pretty(pretty mean slim..hehe). Its just wth, this is me! so what? let me become the fattest in your neighborhood. and after some time.. i will regret it. Then im dealing with deppresion  because of my weight is increasing, increasing and increasing like crazy. This is the crucial moment, when i want to loose back my weight. And will do it very diligently....and at the some point, where i think its successful, i will forget everything, and back to my old routine. Yes, i must admit it. Eating is my hobby. I cant help it, but i hope i will find a pill that can make me eat what i want but still maintaining my weight..*sigh*.  So that, the conclusion is why im not succes to lose weight until now because of my mindset. yes, because of my MINDSET!  i set my mind to lose weight so that i can look prettier to other people, mean that, i do all those tiring thing just for people, and not for myself. That why, i tired~ Yes..its like a wake-up call after i read some motivation book, just love who you are..

I bet, a lot of people out there including me that want to lose weight because want to look prettier, off course when you are skinny you are prettier, but we forgetting the essence. Actually, we must know the real REASON why we must lose weight. its not to become prettier, but it for our DAMN HEALTH! yes, fat people always associate with the health problem, dont have to mention it here, y'll know what it is.

So, the reason why we must lose weight or i can say take care our body is to make sure we can have 10 year additional life span. Me myself, actually have a lot of serious disease where i cant have heart attack if i didnt take care my health very well.

The reason here, what i want to say is, dont have to care about our body shape, but please take care of our body! Off course skinny people dont have a famous disease. i mean err, mcm org gemuk la..yg always dikaitkan dengan penyakit2 berbahaya. What the meaning have a skinny body but you eat whatever you want, and didnt exercise. Doesnt mean skinny people is healthy its just they are so lucky to have a body like that, can eat everything, but still maintain itu badan.haha.

So that, from today onward, i will take care my body really well. I must control what i eat and i will do exercise its for the sake of my body. Because now im a worst condition so that i feel regret not take care my body. All we need is motivation that will always make us in spirit! we can do it babeyh.

Last but not least, please and please love yourself.  I always blaming myself and hating myself because of my body, but actually its always my own fault. when you love yourself, all this motivation will naturally come to you. your desire to take care of your body will be set, and this is the natural way to lose weight in the healthy way. Just love yourself, its sound cliche, but believe me, when we love ourselves we will not do a thing that will destruct ourselves. Owh, and for today, i vow to myself to take care of myself and my blog is the witness for this. i will control my appetite and i will exercise everyday....:):)

That all for today rant.. later guys...
much love from me...

"Love yourself, if you not yourself, how do you expect for other people to love you"............. by me...:):)

Thursday, May 24, 2012



This issue disturbing me lately...
Since im taking hotel management course and im full time wearing tudung..
Yes, before this im not so concerned about this issue, because i was free hair before this.. i mean on and off...
but alhamdulilah, im wearing tudung all the time now. Allah open my heart to jaga my aurat. and im now still learning to become a good person..insya-Allah, wearing tudung labuh one day.

Ok back to the topic.
Why hotel in malaysia didnt allow their employee to wear tudung?
even in the housekeeping department or management side. ?
I know there a lot of international hotel that wont allow their employee because it is their policy..
But come on, we in malaysia, Malaysia is Islam country.. why we need to follow their policy? since they should follow us because they come to our place.
I have seen many people wearing tudung but have to open it when working. *dont need to mention the hotel name* we cant blame them, because choosing this kind of work...who are we to judge them right?
I think this issue should be bring to the malaysian law? im not sure about the system so i dont knwo how it work. But, for sure we have to fight. what we have to fight?? we need our right. because this will make a person like me dont want to work at hotel. So how many hotel graduate willing to work in hotel? how about the macik2 or ahkak2?

In Arab, they also have worker that wearing tudung, so i think it wouldnt be a problem??
Futhermore, wearing tudung in the hotel can build the hotel image and uniqueness. It will create a Malaysian hotel image, so if we follow the international policy, we will loose the culture. Talk about sustaining tourism, we should sustain our culture. That how we want to do the preserve the culture.   Huh..ok until here my ranting.. hopefully 1 day the goverment can change the policy about the tudung . and let the hotel change their policy about it. so that, we the hijab women can work happily without revealing their aurat. Hermm.. i think that all. ^^ and good nite everyone.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Atikah Abdul owe me a time~~~T.T


atikah abdul telah membawa aq ke satu function yang dianjurkan oleh akak zhulian~yang dimana dia juga dipaksa oleh akak itu untuk meng-join zhulian..pfffff.... akak tu mmg paksa aq juga...nasib aq mempunya seni mempertahankan diri yang hebat, so boleh la aq terlepas...ngeh3.... Tapi..tapi..tapi... tadi c tikah bawa aq peg function akak zhulian ni..herm...kononnya sambutan hari ibu....katanyaa sambutan hari ibu... so dalam pikiran ni kan...memang la ingat betul2 ada sambutan....ada keraian ka hapa ka....but, its really fail. my expectation is like this actually.....
ops...no..no..something like this actually,

yes!! my thought was actually, there will be a plenty of food, and some music.. u know  a PARTY rite~ but the reality actually~

this all i can say~ hermm...

ahkak tu trolling!! grrr...

and this is me!


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