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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Product review: nymph Aura Volumer #2 By Etude House

I been wanting to review this product like a week ago, but again my body not allowed me to do it. So only now i have the opportunities.
Have you guys wondering why the korean skin look so flawless and the dewy skin they have. And its look like they really have a healthy skin.. and i been dying to know what its their secret. Because the no makeup makeup is the trend for today..so i guess the essential product would be this! Nyhm Aura volumer! Im using no2 because the girl at the counter said this woul suit me the best as i have the combination skin..
So lets go straight to my review.
1.The packaging
I love the packaging because its hygenic and easy. Just pump from the bottle and ready to use. Its also small so easy to carry around when you travel or just going out.
2. The function
The main function for this is to highlighting your face so you wouldnt look so dull. so ita pretty much will make your face more shining*in a good way* and look healhty. Well before this im just using the bb cream alone, and it will make my skin look matte. Because i want to have that skin that look so fresh and hydrated, so after using this serum, my face would look so fresh and hydrated. The instruction said that to mix with bb cream in 2:1 ratio.. but because i will put powder after that, i will put some of the serum on my t-zone and my cheek bone. And i love the effect!
Its not greasy at all. Even after working one day i can see the shine ia still there. I even using this going to zoo.. with all the sweat my makeup is still there. So im pretty satisied with this product.

what i really love about this product.
Make my skin looks so hydrated and luminous. Because it have pink undertone so it make my skin look more brighter. They said this one have so much glitter.but actually for me its look natural.. no1 and 3 suitable for those with super dry skin..that what the girl told me.haha.
I will buy this product again, but maybe it will took a year for me to finish this one because i only use it at small amount.
The price a bit higher rm89.90 but since etude have promotion on that day so i get this for free!! Hehe..after buying my moisturizer there. I will review about the moisturizer if i have the chance.
Im totally in love with thia product..so grab one now!
Ok i guess..that all i want to share
Any question just leave the comment..;)
Thanks for reading my review.
my bare face
After a day at zoo...
My face after applying the serum

Look like im going to cry..Lol

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