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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My weakness

Hello n asalammualaikum
Every1 have their weakness
and me also have a weakness or maybe i can call it a bad habit?
haha, well actually its my bad habit and then it becomes my weakness..sob sob
what is it? ok i will tell u guys, actually my bad habit is I DONT LIKE TO SHARE
i dont like to share in a term of a possession, power and love
such as room, clothes, food and etc
when i was in school n living with my family, i will have my own room, so that i will very susah to live with other person in my room.
Because i love to decorate my room with y own style, and i always need a me me time in my room
so that,  when i have to share it with my friends i think i will become so fussy, and will complaint everything

But then, i learn to shared when i went to the PLKN
Thre i have to share a room with 7 other friends, 
Then i went to matriculation and untill now i think that i can share room
But i will not prfer to share room if i can choose.:p
Because i dont like ppl touch my stuff  or what 
Bila i suda kemas, then ppl tu suka2 ati jak pindah2 brg or bg kusut semula
Tu yg i sgt benci.huh!
herm, kalau kawin camna la tu?
Hahaha/malar, kawin..kawin...kawin
teda lg d pikir, gatal btul ka i i
Oh noo...:p

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