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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

T-ara schedule in July

Assalammualaikum and Hello!!

 T-ara Day by Day MV was just came out, so what do you think guys?? Well for me i really like the MV, cant wait for the dance version though! I think i will write the review of the song, if i have the time to do so..:p ok now, here is the T-ara schedule in July, its look like they have busy month!
Anyway! jiyeon look so badass in the MV and i really love it!!

5th July
  • [Recording]  MBC  Hyomin
  • [More]   Mini-album Physical Release 6th album Day by Day
6th July
  • [Recording]  15:00KST KBS Sponge recording - Eunjung, Jiyeon, Qri and Hyomin
  • [broadcast]  18:30KST KBS Special Olympics in London [KBS Hall]
  • [Other]  20:00KST Guess Guess Korea Party
  • [TV]  21:55KST SBS 100 Million Quiz Show Live - Eunjung and Jiyeon
  • [Other]  ,Soonchunhyang Hospital 30th Anniversary Celebration [Cheonan Yoo gym]
7th July
  • [TV]  16:00KST MBC Show! Music Core
  • [Broadcast]   17:15KST MBC We Got Married Season 3 - Eunjung
  • [TV]  2300KST TVN SNL Korea 2- Eunjung
8th July
  • [TV]  15:40KST SBS Inkigayo
  • [other]  2000KST. Happy! Pyeongchang, Gangwon euratchacha Mnet M Super Concert [2005.03.03]
  • [Other]  SBSMTV Winter Olympics 1st Anniversary Celebration [Pyeongchang]
9th July
  • [TV]   20:20KST KBS2 Star Life Theater
  • [Broadcast]  23:05KST  KBS2 talk show daegukmin Hello - Eunjung, Hyomin and Areum
  • [Other]  Day By Day music video dance/choreo ver. released
10th July
  • [Recording]  07:30KST MBC Star Idol Olympics
  • [TV]  20:20KST KBS2 Star Life Theater
11th July
  • [TV]  20:20KST KBS2 Star Life Theater
  • [Recording]  KBS2 Gag Concert
12th July
  • [TV] 20:20KST KBS2 Star Life Theater
  • [other]  Wild Rose CF
13th July
  • [TV]   20:20KST KBS2 Star Life Theater
  • [Recording]  KBS Sponge
14th July
  • [Others]  17:00 changdansik fan (fan meeting) [Kyunghee University Peace Center]
15th July
  • [Recording]  20:00KST MBC Star Idol Olympics [part 2]
credit to tiaradiadem, source:t-arafan

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