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Thursday, May 24, 2012



This issue disturbing me lately...
Since im taking hotel management course and im full time wearing tudung..
Yes, before this im not so concerned about this issue, because i was free hair before this.. i mean on and off...
but alhamdulilah, im wearing tudung all the time now. Allah open my heart to jaga my aurat. and im now still learning to become a good person..insya-Allah, wearing tudung labuh one day.

Ok back to the topic.
Why hotel in malaysia didnt allow their employee to wear tudung?
even in the housekeeping department or management side. ?
I know there a lot of international hotel that wont allow their employee because it is their policy..
But come on, we in malaysia, Malaysia is Islam country.. why we need to follow their policy? since they should follow us because they come to our place.
I have seen many people wearing tudung but have to open it when working. *dont need to mention the hotel name* we cant blame them, because choosing this kind of work...who are we to judge them right?
I think this issue should be bring to the malaysian law? im not sure about the system so i dont knwo how it work. But, for sure we have to fight. what we have to fight?? we need our right. because this will make a person like me dont want to work at hotel. So how many hotel graduate willing to work in hotel? how about the macik2 or ahkak2?

In Arab, they also have worker that wearing tudung, so i think it wouldnt be a problem??
Futhermore, wearing tudung in the hotel can build the hotel image and uniqueness. It will create a Malaysian hotel image, so if we follow the international policy, we will loose the culture. Talk about sustaining tourism, we should sustain our culture. That how we want to do the preserve the culture.   Huh..ok until here my ranting.. hopefully 1 day the goverment can change the policy about the tudung . and let the hotel change their policy about it. so that, we the hijab women can work happily without revealing their aurat. Hermm.. i think that all. ^^ and good nite everyone.

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  1. same case here, used to be free hair,but now full time tudung, scrolling up and down which hotel would accept hijab woman



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