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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

jiyeon bullying?

I have been hiatus for about urm about 2 weeks?
Then, when i go online im so suprise with the news hwayoung is not T-ara member anymore.
and then, there a story all the t-ara member is bullying hwayoung...
and what my heart torn apart is because my lovely jiyeon
is accusing slapped hwayoung.

I dont know the real story..
whether its true or not..
But, deep inside my heart..
i know jiyeon didnt do it..

i think all of this thing happen
because of someone scheme.
Well..jiyeon have a lot of antis.
The story doesn't feel so right.

Im not really hwayoung hater nor she is my bias
But i really dont have  a thing for her before this
i know her, but i dont really give my attention to her
untill recently...
she doing good in 'day by day'
she can rap after all..

so, my clarification about jiyeon?
urm,for me
i think she know that she is an idol
and she will not do that(slapping hwayoung) when she know everybody is still there
She might think the consequences about it later..

well, i feel sorry for her..
she and other T-ara member will feel burden after this case.
and the hard time and malicious comment the antis and the fan turn hater because of this incident..
Even me,myself  reading those comment make me heartache and crying..
and what about her?
i want to go to her and hug her and tell her its all right,
because i believe in her..
nobody what other people say...:(
I hope you strong my baby dino..:(

After this incident remind me of
'the greatest love' k-drama
haha..if you guys already watched it then u'all know what i mean
And last but not least,

Please give her and other t-ara member time..
we dont know the real situation,
but we keep blaming her..

p/s:im not blaming hwayoung too.. i just hope its all be alright, and it only the antis that spreading the irresponsible gossip. and now im imagining jiyeon crying reading all those comments.. owh and i read about the L didnt give jiyeon his phone number but want to stick with hwayoung during the championship idol.. idk. its dont have a definite fact.people just trying to dragging this issue.and i dont like it.

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