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Saturday, August 25, 2012


People always don’t understand me well, maybe because i always don’t want to understand other people too.
The people that I think understand me well, is my sister. But she also always argues with me with small matter.
We always fighting and arguing~I think that is sisterhood, we fight and reconcile after that.
People said that im a stubborn. Its just people don’t understand me.
Why are they saying im stubborn?
Sometimes I cant express my feeling well, but sometimes I can be so straightforward.
Even me,myself didn’t understand myself better.
Im weird. I have my own world.
People often told me I have 110% confident, means that, I always so confident. But the fact actually, im feeling so timid.i always feel insecure about myself.
I just need to build that mask so that people will see that I am a strong and confident girl.
I didn’t isolate myself, im trying to blend in.
But, somehow…people will just find im weird.
I can be a talkative person, and then turn to quite person.
I love peace, but I cant stand alone too.

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