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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Assalamualaikum!!^^ da lama aku tak update belog ni kan...

sekarang ni kan musim hujan..
saja jak nak buat tajuk camni..apa motip pun x tau la..
Just i have  a really bad day today..
There some problem at my workplace..
:( and and and, that is not the main point..
when my other clique ask me to what happen and etc etc...
i start to cry..
Its embarassing!!
At first i can hold to my tear actually, but when he ask me what the problem or just luahkan what in my heart then my eyes start to feel so hot and i just feel my tears come out...it is really not my intention!! why would i show them my vulnerable side..:(
and now im feel so ashamed .. Urgh and i hate that i cant speak what i want to said to him...
Because i dont want him to see i crying, so that i left to toilet.

Well i dont know if i handle the situation today like a pro or not.. but all i want now is just shopping and sleep and eat all i want!!
k la tata..:D

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