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Monday, February 25, 2013

i really really miss my family..:(


Hari ni aku rasa sangat sedih..:(
Berada di perantauan + working =lonely,
and now i realize what family really mean to me..
I always thought that i can survive even without them..
But, working is really different when i was in Uni.
I want to cry..
I miss my mum, my sisters, anak2 buah dan semuanya la yg dapat membuatkan aq happy..
Even sometime my family really bug me and i feel really want to get out from my family..
Family is my everything..
So actually im sad..
and im regret that now im not with them..:(

After training, i want to transfer back to Sabah..
Thanks to this experiences.
I actually love my family..<3 p="">And i would like to live with them, even though i didnt earn much..
But, being with my family is more important for me now..

p/s:Distance make us realize what really missing in our life and teach us to appreciate every person that we leave behind:)

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