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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

never look back

salam..helo..dari hati yg ingin berubah...aq menyampaikan sebuah salam... Hati yg telah banyak mempelajari kehidupan dengan terluka.. I can say that im going through a maturity process.. yes even my behavior not showing it, but i think that i can feel it deep inside my heart.
the wounded havent healed yet, but im sure the times will heal it. I noe that im oredy old..20 years and 7 month 23 days years old, yet my behavior just like a 5 years old. I never satisfied with other pepl, i always want to be better than any1 else,i always thought that others ppl will take my lollipop, yes im so sellfish girl... I noe about it, but i dont noe how to change it... i tried...

I think that i need a lot to learned about life.. and i think that LOVE can teaches us that thing..rite?many ppl changes just because of love,but i never experiences it so i dnt noe... But for sure now im changing because something big happen in my life.. every ppl have their turning point in their life rite.. things such as, "until when i want to live like this, what happen next, myb if i were i like this, it should happen like that.. and many more.. so that, i think after the big event of my life i already change.. and i think im in the process.. to heal the wound, to became more obedient to the creator, to became the "solehah wife"... i hope so..so that i can meet a guy that really love me because of Allah, not because of my face..

Why this entry title never look back, cause i dont want to look back of what im doing in tha past, and want to forget all and let my heart heal and just to make sure i keep didnt repeat my past sin..thanks..wasalam

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