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Thursday, July 21, 2011

not in a very good condition

Salam...everyone...rite now my condition is so bad. My skin is in the worst condition, until when i look in the mirror i didnt believe its me.. My belly showing up so much, i really hate these part. cause i sacrifices for the last few month but then my weight is rising back. gosh!! Im so stressful until my skin became so bad and the pigment and the acne all over my faces. I have a confident day, when i dont have to used anything to put on my face...But now? i feel so ugly... i need to go back to my old skin... clean and clear without the blemishes...But its all my fault, i know that i have a very sensitive skin, yet i didnt take care of it very well...I know, since this holiday i seldom wash my face and using my moisturizer and all that thing that i always do.. Now i,so frustrated, and i dont know how to go out with my friends this weekends, wth my condition like this. I guees that i need to use a lot of make up to cover it.. Goosh, i really dont like to put so many make up on my face..yes i like make up, but only apply onto my eyes..means i really love to play with my eyes, i just dont like to layering my face with so much make up such as foundation, concealer and other more.. Phew, i think that my face cant breath!

erm..i got to go... c u later guys..babai..mmuah

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