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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Origin of the word "HELLO" - TRUE LOVE !!

Hello-Why do we say when we lift up the phone!!

When you call someone and they answer the call... why do we say "HELLO..."...????

Do you know what is the real origin of using the word 'Hello' as the conversation starter in a phone call..???

It is the name of a GIRL..!!!


And do you know who is that girl..??

Margaret Hello.....

She was the girlfriend of Graham Bell... the man who invented the telephone....

His first 2 instruments were at his and her place... and the first call he made to commercially test the phones was to his girlfriend..!!!!

One may forget the name of Graham Bell... but we will never be able to forget his girlfriend's name....!!!!

Now that my friend... is true LOVE..!!!!!

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