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Thursday, July 21, 2011

stuck in between

salam..Ok straight to the point... if u have to choose between family or friends, who ur will choose...But im sure u all will choose family rite. Yes its depends on the situation..But for me, what ur guys think i shud choose my family or friends, Should i broke the promises that i made to my friends and just follow what my sister want(because she told me only at the short notices) i planned with my friends a month ago and i just ruined it like that.. Maybe u all will feel that im so sellfish cause i only want to have fun and dont want to help my own family, but im not having fun with my friend, im helping my friends.... And i really feel so bad when i cant help my friend. But, she my own sister also did a lot of thing to me.... She help me a lot..its not i dont want to help her, its just the timing is not very suit for me.

Its so stressful between to say yes or no between 2 of them...pepatah melayu"diluah mati mak, ditelan mati bapak"..so who i should choose... hurm... i think that i need a dream so that i know what should i do tomorrow and start my life...Urgghhh...


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