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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh! Its Love Again (Chapter 1)

June, 2002

"Appa...appa...appa..Please dont leave me...wake up! appa..."There a girl crying heavily while trying to waking up the man. Apparently the man is already dead, what leave there is only the body, the soul is already out from the body. But the girl didn’t care, as she wants her father to wake up and hug her as he always does. Outside it was raining heavily, same as the girl tear, as if the weather also mourning.

“Eunjung,go take your little sister, she will make her father burdened if she continue to being like this”, said an old lady to her 5th daughter. “neh oma”…. Eunjung do as she been told to do so, “jiyeon-ah, please don’t be like this. You will only make our father feel burdened, he already leave us, what best now, we just pray for him and make sure the funeral is running smoothly.” Trying to calm jiyeon, she know Jiyeon is daddy daughter, meanwhile eunjung is mother daughter. But, Eunjung love her father too even though she is not really close with her father.

“unnie, u…u…uri abuchi is already gone!!, jiyeon said in tears, while Eunjung hug her.

“Ara….its best we accept this fate, and we continue our lfe”, while petting jiyeon’s hair, deep in Eunjung heart, she also want to cry, but she don’t want to show her little sister that she not strong. She must become strong, so that her little sister will become strong too.

Jiyeon family member:

Mother Jung Jae Soon (omma) 1947 (65 years old)

1st Son Park Seung Won(oppa) 1970(42 year) married with Park Siyeon have 2 children. Continue his father business, as he the only male and the oldest in family.

2nd daughter Park TaeHee (1st unnie) 1980 (32 years old) single, working as CEO in advertising company.

3rd daughter Park Eunjung (2nd unnie) 1988 (24 years old) Single, working as stewardess, her mother didn’t allow her to become stewardess, but eunjung love this job and its her passion. Her mother want Eunjung to work in their company.

4th daughter Park Jiyeon the youngest 1990(22 years old) single still studying.

Jiyeon have a large family, after her father pass away, her older brother always protect and act as jiyeon’s father, not only for jiyeon, ut for other sibling too. But, for jiyeon, he is more lenient.

4 years later after their father pass away….

“Jiyeon ah…faster… its your first day at your new school, and you don’t want to miss a thing at the school, so you better hurry up!” her mother knocking jiyeon room telling her to quickly get ready. She now at upper high school. She pass the examination to go to the best high school in their town. Its Shinhwa High School. Not all people can qualify to become the student of this school. Only the best are chosen to be student here.

“She still getting ready? What time is now, haish this kid..” seungwon jiyeon older brother, complaint because jiyeon is late.” She always like this, omma, can you teach her a bit discipline..”

“its you that always spoil her, thankfully jiyeon is still a good kid.” His mom reply..

Jiyeon running down the stair because she is late..

“be careful jiyeon ah, if you fall, we all will be in trouble..her brother lecture his sister…

“keke, neh oppa..gotta go, im late”…jiyeon said with big smile like a flash she disappear….

“Im worry about her…” jiyeon’s brother expressed concern over his sister’s.

“Wae?”her mother ask,

“Aniya omma, she is already grown up now omma.. we cant control her so much now, or else she will rebel. I mean, we have to let her go having friend with her friend, but we will hired bodyguard for her….”seungwon said as well as finishing his sentence…

“ok, whatever you think suit, omma just follow” her mother agreeing with the idea…

At Shinhwa High School

Jiyeon wearing this uniform

“Oh no, hopefully still not late.” She muttered in her heart.. Lucky her, there still got plenty of time. She come and then she go straight to the assembly hall.

“Thank god”…jiyeon relief..But, someone heard her, and ask “hello, are you okay?” you look so chaotic,hehe, by the way im lee jieun, just call me IU”, and give her hand for handshake to jiyeon, jiyeon still in haze and surprise just handshake and smile to her.

“oh, hai, nothing.. I thought I already late, but we still got time..hehe.. Oh, my name is Park Jiyeon, just call me Jiyeon.” Jiyeon replying back after they handshake.

There are a lot of people that come that day, probably, its from all over the place. Student from difference province can live at the school hostel.

Assembly done….

“Kaja, we go to our classroom, what is your class?”IU ask Jiyeon.

“Im 4Alpha, you? Jiyeon ask back..

“waw, we in same class..hehe…im 4Alpha too, I guess we are destined to became friend…hehe” IU joke..

Apparently, they have 4 class n the school, Aplha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. All of the class is full of intelligent student, its just what make it different is the time they register at the school. If they register earlier, they will go to Alpha class and if they register late, they will go to Delta class.

Jiyeon:Let sit together..
IU:Orite, I don’t know anyone here. You is my first friend here….hehe..


To be continue

chapter 2

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