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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh! Its Love Again (Chapter 6)

"Hahaha...kaja, lets go to play", Hyomin said as she cant wait to play the games in the theme park.

At the mean time, Jiyeon whisper to Luna, "So, how about the plan? Can we proceed it?"

"Okay, dont worry", Luna winked to Jiyeon.

Suddenly Hoon voiced, "Hey,guys lets play that one first!" pointing at the "Monster Scream" the most deadly roller coaster in the theme park.

"Woah! Its scary"..Jiyeon said. "But lets just try it!" She said it enthusiastically.

"Ok,guys find your partner now, im with Hyomin." Luna giving order.

"Okay,im with Seunghoo" Jiyeon grab Seunghoo hand and grinnng. As it one of their plan to make L and IU sit together. Because they still not clear what is their relationship. Whether they already dating or L still pursuing IU.

"Then im with who?" IU ask.

"Pabo"Luna tapped IU."You see, we here already have our own partner. Now its only you and L dont have partner.Off course L is your partner..aigoo this kid."

"Wae? Jiyeon, are you and Seunghoo dating? Omona!! How come i dont know about this!!?" IU still clueless about what happen.

"Haha... erm..you can say that", Jiyeon said awkwardly. "yeah im her girlfriend..haha...Later i tell you about this" Jiyeon just playing along with IU.

Others seem not suprise except IU and L.

"Okay, we will dealing with this issue after this, but now we need to get on that ride" Hyomin pointing at "Monster Scream". " So we need to buy the ticket first." So all the guys please help us the cute girl here to buy the ticket..hehe" Hyomin trying to break the awkward moment.

"Arasso, come on guys we go buy the ticket, and you aaaall the cute gir(sarcasm) wait here ok...hahaha..."Seunghoo then off too buy the ticket together with L and Hoon.

Huf huf..."ermmm what is this nice smell.."Jiyeon sniffing. Then her eyes meet with the Hot Dog stall. Where the smell come from. "Omo.I need to get that one.Im hungry, im rushing this morning and i dont have the time to eat. Wait here guys, i buy that okay"

"Ok make sure you hurry. because im afraid they will come now."Luna tell Jiyeon.


Jiyeon line is long so that she need time to buy the hot dog.Meanwhile, they already queue for the ride, as the waiting line for the ride also long.

"Where is Jiyeon, what take her so long.."Seunghoo worried as soon is their turn.

"Dont worry im here"Jiyeon said, appearing suddenly.Smiling to Seunghoo. " See,i bought to you too." Jiyeon show her hot dog and Seunghoo's hot dog.

"Omo,you make me suprise!.. Aniya,its okay.Im not hungry" Seunghoo refuse to eat.

"Haish, but i already bought for you! Just eat it," Jiyeon force Seunghoo to eat it. "Im already tired waiting,just to buy this hot dog, and you dont want it." Jiyeon fake as if she is sulking..

"Okay, i will eat it. But later. Here let me keep it."Seunghoo smile to Jiyeon."Aish thiskid!"Seunghoo thought. He only worried Jiyeon will sick if she eat now.

"Okay,hehe..But i will eat mine now. ' Then Jiyeon eat it,she eat 2 Jumbo Hot Dog(its a big hot dog).

"Aigoo,how come you can eat this much at this time" Hyomin suprise as she see Jiyeon eat 2 Hot Dog.

"Dont worry Hyomin! I have a strong stomach..hehe"

Then its their turn.

"Aaah, its our turn,Kaja!" jiyeon excitedly shout and hop in the ride.

BANG.A bar come down,locking them into their seat.

"This is it!"Jiyeon shout.

With a loud whirr, the train at care lurched foreword inching up the track.

"Hands up!"Seunghoo told Jiyeon

Jiyeon lifted her hands,she started to look a little woozy."Im not sure about this" she told Seunghoo.

"Too late now!"Seunghoo yelled. The car slow as it reached the tippy top of the first big hill. "Because here we gooOOO!"

Wheee! The coaster zoomed down the hill lighting speed. Just before hitting the ground, it shot back up in the air, twisting and turning in a sickening somersoult of spirals.

"Aaaahhh! "Seunghoo screamed.

"AAAHHH!"Jiyeon scream louder, clutching her stomach.

Seunghoo's hair whoosed straight up in the air. He laughed and turned to Jiyeon.His smile dissappeared in a blink.Jiyeon's face look really funny. It had turned blue. as blue as ocean.

"No no no no NO! Yah,Park Jiyeon dont you DAREEEEEEEEEE!

All of sudden, Jiyeon gagged, then BLUCK! She spewed a spurting stream of chunky sausage.Seunghoo now is covered by Jiyeon's Sausage.

The "Monster Scream" had just become the .....................the "Mosnter Puke".

To be continue...

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