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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh! Its Love Again (Chapter 3)

Its already 7 months Jiyeon at Shinhwa High School..


During gap time waitng for other subject.

Jiyeon: yah, seunghoo... I wonder, why you look extremely handsome today?

Seunghoo: Im always handsome..keke

Jiyeon:Tsk tsk...look at you, full of youself again..haha..Aha! i know why you look so handsome today! Its because you wearing the new uniform! Am i right..Aigoo, uri seunghoo finally have his new uniform...Keke..

(Because seunghoo is come from poor family, so that he wearing 2nd hand uniform, that look really old. But, since the old uniform is worn out, his mother buy him the new one, but still 2nd hand, just this uniform look slightly new)

Hyomin: Jiyeon! Why you always tease Seunghoo?! *Hyomin defend Seunghoo after she feel that Seunghoo look embarass.

Jiyeon: What?! Im just joking to him....*jiyeon said with pouty lips, she always do that when she doing something wrong*

Seunghoo usually didnt mind with jiyeon joke, as he always joke with jiyeon too, and he know Jiyeon always do that to him. Because she is so direct, and sometimes she not aware that she hurt that person feeling. But, this time he hurt with jiyeon words, as Jiyeon also know about his family situation.

Seunghoo: No, its okay hyomin.. You Jiyeon! Next time i dont want to accompany you again! said Seunghoo trying to be cool

Jiyeon: Yah Seunghoo! Are you mada at me? Mianhe... I will buy you food after this, ok? But please dont mad at me...hehe.... *jiyeon trying to persuade Seunghoo. As Seunghoo is her bestfriend, and she always ask Seunghoo to accompany her if IU,Luna and Hyomin is busy.

Seunghoo:Haha! what? are you afraid im mad at you? Aniya, then if i mad at you, im a sissy, just because of words im mad...keke..

Jiyeon:Good, then we are good now?

Seunghoo:neh, anything...*seunghoo know, jiyeon will always get what she wants, and if she want Seunghoo not mad at her she will do anything to befriend with him back, that why he always yield to Jiyeon.She still a kid, he thought, even they are in same age, Jiyeon always act the less mature in their group. The most matured is Hyomin,then Luna, Iu and lastly Jiyeon. Hyomin, Luna, and IU also always treat jiyeon as their little sister, eventhough they in same age, that why jiyeon is the less mature among them. Anyhow, Jiyeon is no.2 rank in her class, and the first is her best friend,IU.

But, Jiyeon always tease Seunghoo, she tease him the way he walk, talk to other girl, and dressing.

Hyomin:yah...you two...is really made for each other~

Jiyeon:hahahaha...Seunghoo?? You must be kidding me hyomin....he is only my friend..

Seunghoo: what! I also dont want you jiyeon...who want a yeoja-namja like you. And you like a little kid that always need a lollipop. *he call jiyeon yeoja-namja because eventhough Jiyeon is pretty or doll up, she is pretty rough. She can eat like namja, and she didnt talk like other girl, she talk like a namja, like a gangster. She is not the typical girl that know how to do sweet talk. Because she close with his older brother, that why she follow lke her brother style.

Jiyeon: You! *punch Seunghoo shoulder....

Seunghoo: See? that why i dont want you...hahaha..

Hyomin:Arh..you 2 look so sweet..ahaha...

Jiyeon:haish, hyomin~whatever! By the way, where is hyomin and Luna, what make them take so long in the toilet. Maybe, they cleaning the toilet...hahaha...

"Jiyeon, Jiyeon....jiyeon..." someone shouting jiyeon's name..

"He coming, he coming...,"

IU and Luna ran toward jiyeon..

Jiyeon:Who's coming? Super Junior? keke

IU:Its your prince charming, come before he dissapear...*iu pull jiyeon hand and go out from the class.


Seunghoo:aah...what so great about him? Why all the girls in ths school like him...aigoo..i dont understand at all...*Seunghoo said to hyomin when IU took jiyeon away..

Hyomin: Wae? are you jealous because jiyeon like him?

Seunghoo: mwoh?! Jiyeon can have him all she wants...haha.. I just dont understand, why im the most handsome boy in this class no one want to ask for my picture...

Hyomin:hahaha...what do you think you are? If you want to be like him, then study hard and become the top student. Definitely you will receive much love after that.Haha..*hyomin cant stop laughing because Joon want to become famous like Joon.


Jiyeon,Iu and Luna walking passing Joon and his friend, they buying something from cooperation. While they pass by, jiyeon steal a glance at Joon, and their eyes meet... Jiyeon dont know what to do, as if she think the time is stop when their eyes meet..her heart beat fast... and unknowingly she smile at him, and Joon reply back that smile. Jiyeon feel that her heart going to explode at that time, its only 5 second of her life, but she feel as if 5 hour.

Joon is the most popular boy in the school. Because he is athlete, and he also one of the best student of the school, he also gifted with very good looking face, making all the girl going crazy about him. Jiyeon fell in love with him not because he handsome,top student or whatsoever. But, it happen 3 months ago, when Jiyeon late come to school, she running at the stair, and then she fell down. Luckily, Joon was there helping her. Since that, Jiyeon become the number one fan of Joon and call him as her Prince Charming.

Jiyeon: He smile at me! He smile at me...*jiyeon said half shouting..she excited because her crush notice her and smile to her.

Luna:Shhh...Jiyeon, other students are looking at us now... *Luna embarass because jiyeon dancing like crazy at the hallway.

IU:omo, we have to take her back to class now..She losing her mind now...hahaha.....

Jiyeon:Aigoo...Arasso...This evening i must go shopping to buy him gift. IU, Luna do you have time?

IU:Andwae, today i cant.I have tuition today.. You just bring Luna and Hyomin.

Luna:Owh ok. I am free today.

Jiyeon:Great..lets go to class now.Hehe..i want to bring Seunghoo too, he always have the best advice what to give to namja...keke..

Luna: Haha...Seunghoo your frenemies..*Because Jiyeon and seunghoo always fighting. But Jiyeon always ask advice from Seunghoo about namja and Seunghoo always ask Jiyeon to teach maths and Account.

Kringggggggggggg.................*The ring bell show that theschool is finish.

On the way out, jiyeon ask Seunghoo;

Jiyeon:Seunghoo...wait a minute.. Do you free this evening? I want to ask you to accompany me to mall.. There are thing i need to buy for Joon.hehe

Seunghoo: Ah?*while scratching his hair even its not itchy.* Let me see, herm maybe i will work.

Jiyeon:Aigoo...Seunghoo...I will pay you if you accompany me. More than the pay you will get if you work this evening..Pleasee come with me..pleasee..

Seunghoo:Aigoo..Then, if you said that, then its a deal..hehe..

Jiyeon:Yeah...gomawo!! see you at Times Square at 4pm okay.

To be continue............

chapter 4

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